Spirulina for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Nowadays, many people around the world struggle with obesity. If you are looking for effective weight loss supplement, then you have found Spirulina. Let’s take a look at how Spirulina helps with weight loss. Being a natural dietary supplement, Spirulina plays a significant role in ensuring proper nutrition in the body. You can find spirulina in tablet, capsules, and powder form. This blue-green algae has gained popularity for its ability to maintain and control weight.

Spirulina for weight loss

The studies show that Spirulina can help individuals lose excess weight fast and safely. For best results, the spirulina pills or powder should be taken at least one hour before meals. Spirulina has a high level of protein that helps to slow down the digestion process. In this case, the Spirulina suppress the appetite hence reducing the craving for food that may lead to excess weight gain.

Being a natural supplement, Spirulina can help people lose weight quickly without following any special diet programs. Moreover, Spirulina regulates the glucose and insulin levels as well as boosting the body metabolism. Fats from the food you take are the major contributors to excess weight gain. Instead of leaving your body to get rid of the same, Spirulina will actually absorb most fats from the food you take.

Unlike other weight-loss programs, Spirulina will help you achieve healthy weight loss. In this case, Spirulina weight loss will be uniform. Moreover, the nutrient-rich supplement promotes the muscle growth. Therefore, people who use this supplement will develop strong muscles without looking skinny.

Spirulina for Weight Loss Dosage

You should note that Spirulina is rich in proteins as well as other nutrients. In this case, you should properly manage your intake. The following is the recommended dosage of the supplement depending on the weight of the user.

People who weight up to 150 pounds should take about 10.9 grams of spirulina per day. Moreover, the recommended dosage for those who are about 200 pounds is 14.5 grams per day. On the other hand, the daily intake of individuals weighing up to 250 pounds is 18.2 grams. The effectiveness of the supplement will vary depending on many factors. However, you should not exceed the recommended dosage as the supplement may cause adverse effects. Studies show that too much intake of Spirulina can cause damage to the liver.

Forms of Spirulina

Spirulina for weight loss is available in many forms. However, the supplement is commonly available in powder form. Although powder is not appealing as capsules or tablets, it can be easily added to drinks. Besides its weight loss properties, powdered form spirulina promotes healthy gums and teeth. For best results, you should purchase the supplement from reputable stores. Or you can purchase from any spirulina powder exporters online.


Nowadays, many people struggle with obesity or weight problems. Spirulina is a natural supplement has gained popularity in the weight-loss programs. This supplement is perfect for those looking for safer and faster weight loss. With Spirulina, you will no longer to follow a strict diet to achieve your weight loss goals. With healthy eating and regular workout, Spirulina will help you lose stubborn body fats. All you need is to take the right dosage of the supplement, and you will get amazing results.