What Role Do HCG Drops Play in Weight Loss?

HCG is the short-hand for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This is increased in pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy. It is the reliable marker that is detected by pregnancy test kits. HCG drops are simply a liquid made up of HCG and taken as drops. These drops are intended to be taken through the mouth. The recommended dose is 10 drops placed under the tongue where they are held for a while before swallowing taken once a day. The big question is; do HCG drops result in weight loss?

Many HCG drops diet involve limiting the intake of calories to a minimum. Proponents of this claim that HCG reduces hunger pangs so you will not feel hungry even with the reduced calorific intake. While some believe that it is just the reduced calorific intake that has an effect on the weight others believe HCG has something to do with it.

HCG encourages the body to burn down its fats and use them as the source of energy needed for the body’s normal functioning. To be more accurate, this chemical improves metabolism. For this to happen however (the body to break down its own fat) the amount of fat or calories coming from the foods eaten needs to be low hence the need to couple HCG drops with a low calorific diet.

The HCG hormone also works on the hypothalamus. This is a part of the brain that is tasked with, among other functions, regulating hunger. The hypothalamus increases the feeling of satiety and one can go for long periods of time without feeling hungry. This means that you will not feel like having a whole plate of food and can actually control cravings. If you have always wanted to ditch bad eating habits then this is the wonder product to use. The fatigue associated with hunger is also reduced. This is replaced by an energy boost.

With the use of HCG drops many people have been able to lose weight. Couple this with a low calorific diet and you will be losing about a pound a day. At that rate you will be able to reach your weight loss goals within a short time.

To make HCG drops hcg powder is mixed with sterile water. It is this mixture that is applied in the form of drops beneath the tongue. The HCG powder is made from an extract from the pituitary gland of a healthy person.

Why below the tongue? After intra-venous route of drug application this is the best site for fast absorption. Beneath the tongue are many blood vessels and since the barrier between the blood vessels and the drops is very thin they will get into the blood stream fast and start acting. Your hunger pangs will be gone within hours and soon enough your weight will be gone as well.

It is important to note that only the recommended hcg drops should be taken and these should only be used for the period recommended for the diet. They should not be used continuously for over 8 weeks.