Where to Buy HCG Drops?

There are generally two places you can buy HCG drops from. They are online and offline.

When you are purchasing offline the HCG drops are sold at a higher price. This is because to pay for the distributors, storage and warehouse payments.

however, when you are purchasing HCG drops online the price is considerably low and cheap. Obviously, because distributors and warehouse are eliminated.

But there is one problem when purchasing HCG drops online. There are loads of scammers online. Most will sell you cheap HCG drops or just a bottle of water.

You need HCG drops that are real and 100% pure. Unfortunately, only a bunch of online sites sell real HCG drops.

Some of the best-known brands for selling real HCG drops are HCG Complex, HCG Triumph, and HCG Plus.

But which is the best HCG drops among them all?

This is, of course, a mind boggling question.

That is why you need to read reviews of various HCG drops brands. You will have to search for genuine reviews of these brands.

Most reviews that you come across provides fake and paid sponsorships which aren’t disclosed. This results in misinformation and false suggestions.

Though you aren’t harmed duet to this misinformation it ain’t ethical either. I firmly believe that every customer should know the entire truth of what they are purchasing.

this is where review sites come in play. Every niche out there has some sort of review site and the hCG diet too has one.

The name of the site is HCG Police and this is their official web address www.hcgpolice.com

Here you will find genuine and honest reviews of all kinds of HCG drops. This is the only review website for HCG drops that is unbiased and non profitable. Therefore, you can trust their decision in making your purchase.

They rank several HCG drops brands and these rankings aren’t constant. They change from time to time. This change takes effect considering various factors like the quality of HCG drops, their customer service, their refund request, shipping etc.

therefore, we strongly suggest that you take a look at HCG police before purchasing any HCG drops.

source: www.ewingandewing.com/

An Honest HCG Complex Review

There are many HCG complex reviews out there, but can you trust them? Here is one that looks at the good and the bad so you know what to expect when you start using the product.

What is HCG Complex?

This is a weight loss supplement that is developed and sold by BioSource Labs LLC. This is a US based manufacturer so you can be sure that their products are made to conform to good drug manufacturing practices.

As the name suggests, HCG complex is made up ingredients that make an HCG complex. It is what one would refer to as hcg drops. It comes in liquid form and is applied under the tongue in form of drops for it to be effective. You apply 10 drops once a day to be precise.

What is in there?

As mentioned earlier there are many ingredients used in making the complex that is like the real HCG. These are Vitamin B12, American ginseng, l-lysine, l-glutamic acid, i-ornithine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, bladderwrack and magnesium phosphate.

This is claimed to be a professional formula that helps a person lose weight. Note that this supplement does not contain real HCG hormone but instead all the ingredients used work together to have effects that mimic those of the real HCG.

How does HCG complex work?

The formula works just like the real HCG. It stimulates the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus to initiate an increase in metabolism. This causes the stored body fats to start burning faster.

The HCG complex is coupled with a low calorie diet program. This forces the body to use up the stored fats as the sources of energy hence breaking the fats down even more. The complex reduces hunger pangs and hence those on the program eat little without feeling hungry. This results in weight loss.

Safety and side effects

Everyone is concerned about the safety of the drugs they take. HCG complex is believed to be safe since all the ingredients are natural. Some people who have used it however complain of a few side effects. These include nausea and a slight headache. These side effects usually go away within a few days of using the product as the body gets adjusted to the dietary changes. HCG complex is made at a licensed facility so it is safe for use.

What do the skeptics have to say?

HCG is recommended for use in many treatments but not weight loss. This is not because it is unsafe but because there is no enough scientific research to prove its effectiveness in weight loss.

Skeptics believe that even though HCG diet programs cause people to lose weight the HCG has nothing do with it. They say that the low calorific intake is what leads to weight loss with no input from the supplement. Those who have tried the HCG complex believe that actually works.

People have been able to lose as much as a pound a day just by using this product and following the strict diet. On the downside, one must follow all the instructions to the latter for them to see results. Will the HCG complex help you? Try and find out!

for more info on HCG Complex visit HCG Complex Reviews – 100% Real HCG drops which provides in depth review of hcg complex.

Use of HCG Injections as Infertility Treatment Demystified

You may have heard of the use of HCG diet in helping people lose weight. What you may not have heard of is the use of HCG injections in treating infertility. This is actually a recommended method of dealing with this issue in women. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is also known as the pregnancy hormone and is released by the placenta in pregnancy. Its secretion begins immediately after the fertilized egg becomes implanted in the uterus. The amounts produced continue to increase up to 10 weeks of pregnancy but later reduce. HCG stimulates the release of the hormone progesterone which is required to sustain a pregnancy.

The use of HCG injections in treating infertility is supported by scientific research. An example is a study carried out in 2014 in which an intra-uterine hcg injection before implantation of an embryo from in-vitro fertilization showed more implantation and successful pregnancy rates than those who did not receive the injection. This points to the possibility of hcg being released by the body prior to implantation and is useful in ensuring successful implantation of the embryo.

HCG injections are the best suited method for treating infertility especially for women ttc over 40 caused by anovulation. This is a condition in which a woman does not release an ovum from the ovaries during the menstrual cycle. By applying hcg, the ovaries are stimulated to release healthy eggs which can then be fertilized and the infertility issue solved. If you have tried other methods that induce ovulation but they have failed you need to try this. It could be the one for you.

HCG injections are applied under the skin or into a muscle. A mature egg can be expected to be released 36 hours after the injection. This is the best time to try and make a baby with your better half or have the egg removed for IVF. Your doctor may decide to use hcg injections together with other infertility treatment methods to determine the exact the time the mature egg will be released.

After hcg injections you can expect a few side effects. Among the common ones are upset stomach, headache, fever, breast tenderness and mood swings all of which are not serious. Medical attention should be sought when any of these becomes severe. Other side effects that may occur and should be reported to a doctor immediately include severe abdominal pain, dehydration, vomiting and bloating. These may be due to a serious condition known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). In this condition the ovaries swell due to excessive multiplication of the cells and fluid leaking into the abdominal cavity. In some people this clears within a week but just to be safe it is best to call a doctor when you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms.

It is important to note that using HCG injections as your preferred method of treatment for infertility increases the chance of having a multiple pregnancy, that is, having twins, triplets or more. HCG should never be used by pregnant women as this could lead to the child having defects. Treatment should be ceased immediately the woman tests positive for pregnancy.

What Role Do HCG Drops Play in Weight Loss?

HCG is the short-hand for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This is increased in pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy. It is the reliable marker that is detected by pregnancy test kits. HCG drops are simply a liquid made up of HCG and taken as drops. These drops are intended to be taken through the mouth. The recommended dose is 10 drops placed under the tongue where they are held for a while before swallowing taken once a day. The big question is; do HCG drops result in weight loss?

Many HCG drops diet involve limiting the intake of calories to a minimum. Proponents of this claim that HCG reduces hunger pangs so you will not feel hungry even with the reduced calorific intake. While some believe that it is just the reduced calorific intake that has an effect on the weight others believe HCG has something to do with it.

HCG encourages the body to burn down its fats and use them as the source of energy needed for the body’s normal functioning. To be more accurate, this chemical improves metabolism. For this to happen however (the body to break down its own fat) the amount of fat or calories coming from the foods eaten needs to be low hence the need to couple HCG drops with a low calorific diet.

The HCG hormone also works on the hypothalamus. This is a part of the brain that is tasked with, among other functions, regulating hunger. The hypothalamus increases the feeling of satiety and one can go for long periods of time without feeling hungry. This means that you will not feel like having a whole plate of food and can actually control cravings. If you have always wanted to ditch bad eating habits then this is the wonder product to use. The fatigue associated with hunger is also reduced. This is replaced by an energy boost.

With the use of HCG drops many people have been able to lose weight. Couple this with a low calorific diet and you will be losing about a pound a day. At that rate you will be able to reach your weight loss goals within a short time.

To make HCG drops hcg powder is mixed with sterile water. It is this mixture that is applied in the form of drops beneath the tongue. The HCG powder is made from an extract from the pituitary gland of a healthy person.

Why below the tongue? After intra-venous route of drug application this is the best site for fast absorption. Beneath the tongue are many blood vessels and since the barrier between the blood vessels and the drops is very thin they will get into the blood stream fast and start acting. Your hunger pangs will be gone within hours and soon enough your weight will be gone as well.

It is important to note that only the recommended hcg drops should be taken and these should only be used for the period recommended for the diet. They should not be used continuously for over 8 weeks.

Spirulina for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

Nowadays, many people around the world struggle with obesity. If you are looking for effective weight loss supplement, then you have found Spirulina. Let’s take a look at how Spirulina helps with weight loss. Being a natural dietary supplement, Spirulina plays a significant role in ensuring proper nutrition in the body. You can find spirulina in tablet, capsules, and powder form. This blue-green algae has gained popularity for its ability to maintain and control weight.

Spirulina for weight loss

The studies show that Spirulina can help individuals lose excess weight fast and safely. For best results, the spirulina pills or powder should be taken at least one hour before meals. Spirulina has a high level of protein that helps to slow down the digestion process. In this case, the Spirulina suppress the appetite hence reducing the craving for food that may lead to excess weight gain.

Being a natural supplement, Spirulina can help people lose weight quickly without following any special diet programs. Moreover, Spirulina regulates the glucose and insulin levels as well as boosting the body metabolism. Fats from the food you take are the major contributors to excess weight gain. Instead of leaving your body to get rid of the same, Spirulina will actually absorb most fats from the food you take.

Unlike other weight-loss programs, Spirulina will help you achieve healthy weight loss. In this case, Spirulina weight loss will be uniform. Moreover, the nutrient-rich supplement promotes the muscle growth. Therefore, people who use this supplement will develop strong muscles without looking skinny.

Spirulina for Weight Loss Dosage

You should note that Spirulina is rich in proteins as well as other nutrients. In this case, you should properly manage your intake. The following is the recommended dosage of the supplement depending on the weight of the user.

People who weight up to 150 pounds should take about 10.9 grams of spirulina per day. Moreover, the recommended dosage for those who are about 200 pounds is 14.5 grams per day. On the other hand, the daily intake of individuals weighing up to 250 pounds is 18.2 grams. The effectiveness of the supplement will vary depending on many factors. However, you should not exceed the recommended dosage as the supplement may cause adverse effects. Studies show that too much intake of Spirulina can cause damage to the liver.

Forms of Spirulina

Spirulina for weight loss is available in many forms. However, the supplement is commonly available in powder form. Although powder is not appealing as capsules or tablets, it can be easily added to drinks. Besides its weight loss properties, powdered form spirulina promotes healthy gums and teeth. For best results, you should purchase the supplement from reputable stores. Or you can purchase from any spirulina powder exporters online.


Nowadays, many people struggle with obesity or weight problems. Spirulina is a natural supplement has gained popularity in the weight-loss programs. This supplement is perfect for those looking for safer and faster weight loss. With Spirulina, you will no longer to follow a strict diet to achieve your weight loss goals. With healthy eating and regular workout, Spirulina will help you lose stubborn body fats. All you need is to take the right dosage of the supplement, and you will get amazing results.

How I lost 2 Pounds in 2 Days Eating Meat

Few days back I was reading a book called ‘eat meat and stop jogging’. The concept there in blew my mind.

The author made valid points like eating meat is the only thing we were built and made for. He provided proof from the Paleolithic era stating that men didn’t eat anything but meat.

Another proof comes in the form of farming’s birth. It is well known fact that farming was introduced to man only about 5 thousand years ago.

Basically, what i did was follow his diet plan.

I eat beef for the morning, fish for lunch and again beef for night. Followed the same plan for second day. Only once I ate egg. Although I ate a couple of fruits I wasn’t expecting much weight loss.

Two days later, I checked my weight early in the morning after using the restroom. I was blown away. I was down 2 pounds. Which is simply great for one main reason, I didn’t starve.

I din’t feel like I was dieting for the those days.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to keep up with the meat diet. I started to add some carbohydrates from yesterday night.

Now that you know eating meat helps in reducing weight, would you try it?

Just let me know in the comments below.

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