An Honest HCG Complex Review

There are many HCG complex reviews out there, but can you trust them? Here is one that looks at the good and the bad so you know what to expect when you start using the product.

What is HCG Complex?

This is a weight loss supplement that is developed and sold by BioSource Labs LLC. This is a US based manufacturer so you can be sure that their products are made to conform to good drug manufacturing practices.

As the name suggests, HCG complex is made up ingredients that make an HCG complex. It is what one would refer to as hcg drops. It comes in liquid form and is applied under the tongue in form of drops for it to be effective. You apply 10 drops once a day to be precise.

What is in there?

As mentioned earlier there are many ingredients used in making the complex that is like the real HCG. These are Vitamin B12, American ginseng, l-lysine, l-glutamic acid, i-ornithine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, bladderwrack and magnesium phosphate.

This is claimed to be a professional formula that helps a person lose weight. Note that this supplement does not contain real HCG hormone but instead all the ingredients used work together to have effects that mimic those of the real HCG.

How does HCG complex work?

The formula works just like the real HCG. It stimulates the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus to initiate an increase in metabolism. This causes the stored body fats to start burning faster.

The HCG complex is coupled with a low calorie diet program. This forces the body to use up the stored fats as the sources of energy hence breaking the fats down even more. The complex reduces hunger pangs and hence those on the program eat little without feeling hungry. This results in weight loss.

Safety and side effects

Everyone is concerned about the safety of the drugs they take. HCG complex is believed to be safe since all the ingredients are natural. Some people who have used it however complain of a few side effects. These include nausea and a slight headache. These side effects usually go away within a few days of using the product as the body gets adjusted to the dietary changes. HCG complex is made at a licensed facility so it is safe for use.

What do the skeptics have to say?

HCG is recommended for use in many treatments but not weight loss. This is not because it is unsafe but because there is no enough scientific research to prove its effectiveness in weight loss.

Skeptics believe that even though HCG diet programs cause people to lose weight the HCG has nothing do with it. They say that the low calorific intake is what leads to weight loss with no input from the supplement. Those who have tried the HCG complex believe that actually works.

People have been able to lose as much as a pound a day just by using this product and following the strict diet. On the downside, one must follow all the instructions to the latter for them to see results. Will the HCG complex help you? Try and find out!

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